Jul 282016

Apparently he wrote this one about someone who had worn his clothes without permission.

Immanuel of Rome (1261 – 1328)
Behold This Base Villain

Behold this base villain, his fate should be bitter;
O Heaven, expose his sins, grant me your favors!
He has his own flocks, yet if lamb were his fancy,
He’d steal from a pauper the fruit of his labors;
His foreskin, he fears, might get worn out and fail him —
Instead he would much rather fuck with his neighbor’s.

עמנואל הרומי
ראו נבל

רְאוּ נָבָל יְהִי רַע אַחֲרִיתוֹ
וְשָׁמַיִם יְגַלּוּ אֶת עֲווֹנוֹ
אֲשֶׁר לוֹ צֹאן וְכִבְשַֹת רָשׁ יְאַוֶּה
לְקַחְתָּהּ לוֹ בְחֶמְלָתוֹ לְצֹאנוֹ
וְלוֹ עָרְלָה וְמִיִּרְאַת בְּלוֹתָהּ
יְאַו לִבְעֹל בְּמוֹ עָרְלַת שְׁכֵנוֹ.