May 152014

Good advice then, good advice now.

Immanuel of Rome (1261 – 1328)
Be Wary of Hating the Wretch

Be wary of hating the wretch / From envy of foolish men, shy
I’ve seen many times in my life / a giant man choke on a fly.

עמנואל הרומי
היזהר משנאת נקלה

הִזָּהֵר מִשִּׂנְאַת נִקְלֶה / וּרְחַק מִקִּנְאַת אִישׁ נָבוּב
רָאִיתִי לִפְעָמִים רַבּוֹת / אָדָם עָנָק נֶחְנַק בִּזְבוּב.


Hizahéir mi-sin’át niqléh / urḥáq mi-qin’át ‘ish navúv
Ra’íti lifʕamím rabót / ‘adám ʕanáq neḥnáq bizvúv.

  2 Responses to “Immanuel of Rome, “Hizaheir mi-Sinat Niqleh””

  1. I knew I should have been kinder to the undergraduates.

  2. I’m not sure anyone could have been. I’m still shaking my head over “did they know they would rhyme in English?” I should probably write that girl a thank you note, though, I’ll be getting laughs out of that story probably until the day I die.

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