Apr 222014

How are our young lovebirds faring? Find out in today’s installment. You can find chapter one here, chapter two here, chapter three here and chapter four here.

Days come and days go. Students gather to hear Torah from Reb Yechezkel. The yeshiva fills with the study of Hashem. The sound of Torah is continuously poured forth. And when Reb Yechezkel expounds, it seems myrrh flows from his mouth, and for every pshat, drash and remez his lips produce, angels stand at his side and illuminate his words with the light of Torah. But suddenly he shrinks inward in his despair and seems then like a woman mourning over the deceased husband of her youth, and suddenly he appears walking towards her with beautiful countenance, until she remembers he is lost, lost forever and never to return…

Download chapter five here (PDF).

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