May 092013

To a man of rare taste.

You too could have two-and-a-half-feet of Blake-in-Hebrew in your lounge area or breakfast nook!

  6 Responses to “And this goes off in the mail tomorrow.”

  1. What is currently boggling my mind – how did you take the picture of that scroll?

  2. Well, I taped it to the door, stood a good length away, held the camera vertically and zoomed in, then used my image editing program to crop away everything but the parchment and add a black border.

  3. Looks good. I bet The Lamb would sell better though.

  4. Maybe to a less badass audience.

  5. Ohmygosh love love love it. I assume it’s your own translation?

  6. Actually, it’s someone else’s…forgetting the name right now, but I found a Word doc online with like six parallel translations of “The Tyger,” and thought that was the best. This one was a gift, so no worries about proper accreditation. Hooray!

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