Apr 242013

One of ibn Gabirol’s nature poems. This one is almost…haiku-like in its unusual brevity.

Shlomo ibn Gabirol (1021? – 1058?)
Do You Not See

Do you not see, my dearest friend,
The skies as beds of a garden?
The host of stars, as if lilies?
The crescent moon as a goblet?

שלמה אבן גבירול / سليمان ابن جبيرول
הלא תראה

הֲלֹא תִרְאֶה מְיֻדָּעִי
שְׁחָקִים כַּעֲרוּגַת גָּן
וְכוֹכָבִים כְּשׁוֹשַׁנִים
וְהַסַּהַר כְּמוֹ אַגָּן?


Ha-ló tir’éh meyudaʕí
Sheḥakím ka-ʕarugát gan
Ve-khokhavím ke-shoshaním
Ve-ha-sáhar kemó ‘agán?

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