Apr 122013

Continuing the “you don’t even know how lovely you are” trend, otherwise known as the “Girl from Ipanema Model” in Hebrew poetics. Or something. Whatever.

Yehuda ha-Levi (1075? – 1141?)
By Your Lives, Give a Drink

By your lives, give a drink to a wandering soul
Who from this deep sickness is not yet delivered —
In loving a girl who so innocent charges
Yet finds from all men both their heart and their liver.1

יהודה הלוי / يهوذا اللاوي
בחייכם תנו שכר

בְּחַיֵיכֶם תְּנוּ שֵׁכָר לְאֹבֵד
אֲשֶׁר חָלָה חֳלִי עָצוּם וְכָבֵד
בְּחֵשֶׁק יַעֲלָה תּוֹרֶה לְתֻמָּהּ
וְתִמְצָא מֵאֲנָשִׁים לֵב וְכָבֵד.


Be-ḥayeikhém tenú sheikhár le-‘ovéid
‘Ashér ḥaláh ḥolí ʕatzúm ve-khavéid
Be-ḥéishek yaʕaláh toréh le-tumáh
Ve-timtzá mei-‘anashím leiv ve-khavéid.

  1. I assume the idea here is that the girl innocently makes men fall in love with her so hard that she gets the liver as well as the heart. You know how they had funny ideas about random organs being the seat of random emotions back in the day.

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