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I’m feeling the Vogel. Look out.

David Vogel (1891 – 1944)
How Can I See You, Love

How can I see you, love,
standing alone
in storms of despair,
without my heart trembling?

And see, a deep night
more black than your eyes,
already falls mute on the world.

Touching already your curls

Get up!
My hand will grasp yours,
and slowly I’ll guide you between the dark nights.

In pale mists of youth
my father thus led me
on our way to the house of prayer.

דוד פוגל
איכה אראך, רעיה

אֵיכָה אֶרְאֵךְ, רַעְיָה,
עוֹמְדָה בוֹדֵדָה
תּוֹךְ סַעֲרוֹת הַיָּגוֹן,
וְלִבִּי לֹא יִרְעָד?
וְהֵן כְּבָר לַיִל עָמֹק,
שָׁחוֹר מִשְּׁחוֹר עֵינֵךְ,
דּוּמָם נוֹפֵל אֱלֵי תֵבֵל.
וּכְבָר נָגַע תַּלְתַּלָּיִךְ
יָדִי תֹאחַז אֶת יָדֵךְ
וְאַט אֶנְהָגֵךְ בֵּין הַלֵּילוֹת.
תּוֹךְ עַרְפַּלֵּי יַלְדוּת חִוְרִים
כֹּה נָחַנִי אָבִי
אֶל בֵּית הַתְּפִלָּה. —


‘Eikháh ‘er’éikh, raʕyáh,
ʕomdáh vodeidáh
tokh saʕarót ha-yagón
ve-libí lo yirʕád?

Ve-hein kevár láyil ʕamók,
shaḥór mishḥór ʕeinéikh,
dumám noféil ‘eléi teivéil.

Ukhvár nagáʕ taltaláyikh

Yadí toḥáz ‘et yadéikh
ve-‘át ‘enhagéikh bein ha-leilót.

Tokh ʕarpaléi yaldút ḥivrím
koh naḥáni ‘aví
‘el beit ha-tefiláh. —

  3 Responses to “David Vogel, “Eikhah Er’eikh, Ra`yah””

  1. Pssshhhhhh… Wow.

    The last two stanzas are just phenomenal! Arpalei yaldut hivrim… Wow.

    I’m still struggling with the second stanza, though. What does hen refer to? The storms? Far be it from me to critique your beautiful translation… But a thought: what if it were the demonstrative participle/interjection “hen”, i.e. the short form of “hinne”? Might I tentatively translate:

    And see, a deep night
    More black than your black eyes
    Has already fallen mutely over the world

    Your thoughts?

  2. Wow. Sorry. My thoughts have been a bit muddled lately, and I guess that’s bleeding into my Hebrew translation skillz. I thought it was referring to the storms, but I think you are definitely right. That’s a pretty basic one to miss. But I am glad you’ve found your way here and are out there to catch me when I slip up! (Seriously! What are the chances?) I will edit.

  3. No worries! I’m glad you’re feeling better… And I’m flattered that you agree with me! Seriously, the poetry skillz are all yours.

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