Feb 102013

Huh. Save for for my lack of interest in gambling and the rabbinate, and Heinrich Graetz’s passing, I imagine my Wikipedia entry (should I merit one) in the wake of my demise will read pretty much exactly like this:

[Yehuda Aryeh mi-Modena] was a precocious child and grew up to be a respected rabbi in Venice. However, his reputation within traditional Judaism suffered for a number of reasons, including an unyielding criticism of emerging sects within Judaism, an addiction to gambling, and lack of stable character. As Heinrich Graetz points out, this last factor prevented his gifts from maturing.

I keep finding kindred spirits among these Italians. Look, he’s even miserable and destitute! Bashert! (Destino?)

Yehuda Aryeh mi-Modena (Leon of Modena) (1571 – 1648)
Although with Grief

Although with grief and strife and plague / and misery I’ve been beset,
I haven’t wept, not for hard days / just o’er poverty, choked with debt.

יהודה אריה ממודנה
על כל יגון

עַל כָּל יָגוֹן, עַל כָּל צָרָה / עַל חֳלָיִים, עַל מַכְאוֹבוֹת
הֵן לֹא בָכִיתִי לִקְשֵׁה יוֹם / רַק עַל עֹנִי, עָמוּס חוֹבוֹת.


ʕal kol yagón, ʕal kol tzaráh / ʕal ḥolayím, ʕal makh’ovót
Hein lo vakhíti likshéih yom / rak ʕal ʕóni, ʕamús ḥovót.

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