Dec 242012

This is the second poem of a six poem cycle in which each poems’ lines end with one of the same six words (world, forest, snow, summer, night and sun). I posted the first one yesterday or the day before or something. I become nocturnal whenever I have any time off and it’s the middle of winter, so my sense of time has become completely unmoored. Like Ephraim Luzzatto, I too flee the bright sun.

Ephraim Luzzatto (1729 – 1792)
I Drew So Far in Flight

I drew so far in flight from this, my bright sun
My steps were appraised by the wilds of the world;
Here and there I wandered by day and by night,
On mountains, in valleys, in field, in forest,
The winter, the springtime, harvest and summer,
Through streams and through torrents, through hail and through snow.

אפרים לוצאטו
רחקתי במנוסה

רָחַקְתִּי בִמְנוּסָה מִזֶּה הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ
וָאָמָד בִּצְעָדַי מֶרְחַב הָאָרֶץ;
תָּעִיתִי כֹה וָכֹה יוֹמָם וָלַיְלָה,
בָּהָר, אוֹ בַבִּקְעָה, שָׂדֶה, אוֹ יַעַר,
הַחֹרֶף, הָאָבִיב, קָצִיר, וָקַיִץ,
אֶל זֶרֶם, אֶל מָטָר, בָּרָד, וָשֶׁלֶג.


Raḥákti vi-menusáh mi-zéh ha-shémesh
Ve-‘amád bi-tzeʕadái merḥáv ha-‘áretz;
Taʕíti khoh va-khóh yomám ve-láilah,
Ba-hár, ‘o va-bikʕáh, sadéh, ‘o yáʕar,
Ha-ḥóref, ha-‘avív, katzír, va-káyitz,
‘El zérem, ‘el matár, barád va-shéleg.

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