Dec 132012

I’m painfully tired. But I still could not forsake either of my readers. So the march of daily posts continues with Shlomo Zamir, who we haven’t heard from for awhile, and whose poem “Ukh-she Ne’emar ha-Kol” got a positive message on some Tumblr site. Hooray.

Shlomo Zamir (1929 – )
In the Village

The moon lights up on the horizon
the size of my hand.
A cold wind nips at the earlobe
like a mouse.
The coachman whips with his swishing whip
his pair of running horses.
Scattered in the air, all around,
are chunks of flesh and bone.

שלמה זמיר

הַסַהַר דוֹלֵק בָּאֹפֶק
בְּגֹדֶל יָדִי.
רוּחַ קָרָה נוֹשֶׁכֶת תְּנוּך-הָאֹזֶן
הָעֶגְלוֹן מַצְלִיף בּשׁוֹטוֹ הַמְאַוֵשׁ
זוּג סוּסָיו הָרָצִים.
נְפֹוצִים בָּאֲוִיר, מִזֶה וּמִזֶה,
נִתְחֵי בָּשָׂר וַעֲצָמוֹת.


Ha-sáhar doléik ba-‘ófek
Be-gódel yadí.
Rúaḥ karáh noshékhet tenúkh ha-‘ózen
Ha-ʕeglón matzlíf be-shotó ha-me’avéish
Zug susím ha-ratzím.
Nefotzím ba-‘avír, mi-zéh u-mi-zéh
Nitḥéi basár u-ʕatzamót.

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  1. This poem recalls the poetry of David Fogel, but it doesn’t do much for me. Do you have any more Admiel Kosman translations. One can never have enough of those.

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