Nov 192012

A tajnis, but of the milder form where only the last syllable of every line-ending word is the same, rather than each line ending with a homonym. Ibn Ezra here refers to his flight to Christian Spain in the wake of the Almoravid takeover of Granada. Clearly, he feels a bit alienated in his new surroundings. If my friend the rabbi wonders why I never show up to Friday night dinner until after birkat, this is why.

Moshe ibn Ezra (1060? – 1140?)
The Day of My Wandering, Bitter and Hasty

The day of my wandering, bitter and hasty,
Makes me drunk with the wine of my longing
I sit here astonished, savages ’round me
None ask after my soul, none mention me.
I call to my left, no one answers me
I turn to my right, no one knows me.

משה אבן עזרא / موسى ابن عزرا
יום הנדור המר והנמהר

יוֹם הַנְדֹד הַמַּר וְהַנִמְהָר / אֹתִי בְּיֵין הַתַּאֲוָה הִשְׁכִּיר
אֵשֵׁב מְשׁוֹמֵם בֵּין פְּרָאִים אֵין / דּוֹרֵש לְנַפְשִי בָם וְלּא מַזְכִּיר
לִשְֹמֹאל אֲנִי קֹרֵא וְאֵין עֹנֶה / אֶפְנֶה עֲלֵי יָמִין וְאֵין מַכִּיר.


Yom ha-nedód ha-már ve-ha-nimhár / ‘otí be-yéin ha-ta’aváh hishkír
‘Eishéiv meshoméim bein pera’ím ‘ein / doréish le-nafshí vam ve-ló mazkír
Lismól ‘ani koréi ve-‘éin ʕonéh / ‘efnéh ʕaléi yamín ve-‘éin makír.

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