Nov 152012

And we’re back to seasonally appropriate poetry, and also back to Moshe ibn Ezra and his love of the tajnis. The Key Word in this one is kefór, which means both “goblet” and “frost.”

Moshe ibn Ezra (1060? – 1140?)
Quench My Heart’s Flame

Quench my heart’s flame in the grape cluster’s juice
  And fill me my cup!
Drink here upon the pale white of the land
  Appareled in frost.

משה אבן עזרא / موسى ابن عزرا
כבה יקוד לבי

כַּבֵּה יְקֹד לִבִּי בְּמֵי \ אֶשְׁכֹּל וּמַלֵּא לִי כְפוֹר
וּשְׁתֵה עֲלֵי לִבְנַת פְּנֵי \ אֶרֶץ אֲשֶׁר לָבְשָׁה כְפוֹר.


Kabéih yekód libí be-méi / ‘eshkól u-maléi li khefór
Ushtéih ʕaléi livnát penéi / ‘éretz ‘ashér lavsháh khefór.

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