Oct 142012

Lena Chamamyan: she’s from Syria. Judging by her last name, she’s Armenian. She makes jazz-oriented Arab baby-making music, sort of the musical love child of Fairuz and Chet Baker. She has a voice like a motherfucking malaak. Lenaleh, if you’re out there, keep your head down – even the Jews are worried about you. I hear anywhere else is nice this time of year.

لينا شماميان - بالي معاك
(Baali Maʕak – My Thoughts Are with You)

لينا شماميان - حوّل يا غنّام
(Ḥawwel Ya Ghannaam – Shepherd, Turn Back)

لينا شماميان - يا مسافرة
(Ya Mesaafira – O Traveller)

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