Oct 102012

Despite the risk one runs of being vomited on by groups of young men in a state of some unrest over the particular manner in which other groups of young men have moved a prolate spheroid around a circumscribed area, there are occasionally advantages to living in university towns. For example, used bookstores sometimes sell Hebrew poetry:

The Genizah swells. Today the bookstore yielded Uri Tzvi Greenberg, Leah Goldberg and Shlomo Zamir – the latter of whom has barely appeared in English translation (he doesn’t even have a Hebrew Wikipedia page, the true marker of marginality). To think, this humble website may break some extraordinarily insignificant new ground. I’m so excited I might go vomit on someone. I learned from the best.

(Also, as an added bonus, the Zamir book had a Baltimore County Voter Notification Card from August 1976 stuck in it. Zeev Barav, if you’re out there, your polling place is St. Charles Hall at 110 Sudbrock Lane. I have a good feeling about the toothy peanut farmer.)

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