Sep 242012

…have gained less currency than I might have hoped.

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m back after three years of inactivity, at least in a certain manner of speaking. As part of my studies and/or frequently compulsive nature, I’ve been amassing a rather voluminous trove of personal translations of Hebrew poetry (it’s like the Cairo Genizah up in here, with the minor caveat that nobody is interested). But I figured I was still paying for hosting, and the Internet is pretty spotty when it comes to competent English translations of the great bulk of Hebrew poetry, so I might as well share the wealth in hopes that someone, some day, will validate my efforts. If not, well, it’s good practice. Check out the new Hebrew Poetry tab up on the header for more general information on my methodology.

As far as my prior interests in cooking, music and gin-redolent lamentation, I have not abandoned them; I’ve just had a years-long case of writer’s block. Perhaps my investment in Hebrew verse will rekindle my other interests someday. Until then, well, for better or worse, I’m not dead yet.

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