Oct 142009

Don’t mind me, just practicin’ my squiggle-hook and whetting your appetites for, perhaps, a new recipe.

شكرا منير ابن داود

  3 Responses to “الــطـاجين ورأس الحانوت‎”

  1. Something tells me it’s not going to involve the mound of pork from the previous post.

  2. Pork tagine? Offending 2 of 3 Abrahamic religions. Bold move. Also, I’m smoking shisha, listening to Oum Kalthoum. This is causing me to to suffer serious Michoel withdrawal.

  3. Chas wa-chalilah. I would never make a pork tagine.

    You know, sometimes I wonder what became of Kalthoum himself.

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