Oct 072009


A dialogue:

R**************r: Tina Weymouth has aged well, except now she looks like a friend’s mom.
R**************r: She would insist you called her “Tina” and make you a grilled cheese.
R**************r: Look at those two.
R**************r: Like your friend’s cool parents. Totally.
R**************r: All home theater in the basement.
R**************r: All guitars on the wall.
R**************r: All letting you have some beers out of the fridge in the garage/pool room.
E******n: holy fuck
E******n: all showing you an R movie your parents would never let you watch
E******n: Chris Frantz all talking to you about pleasing a lady
R**************r: All letting you smoke weed, “as long as you do it in the house where we know you kids are safe.”

This is all true. You cannot deny a single word.

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