Sep 252009

From the H-E-B store brand Italian Arborio:

“Grown in the fertile Italian river valleys of Northern Italy, this short, pearly white rice is the foundation for the traditional Italian dish risotto. Arborio is unique for the creamy smooth consistency that emerges from it’s large al denté grains. This unique quality allows Arborio rice to either accept or enhance any flavor profile, making it perfect for Italian risotto or Spanish paella.”

I give “it’s” another five years before it’s deemed a valid alternate form of the possessive, and another five years after that, English teachers and proofreaders will probably start marking “its” with the big red pen.

But what really gets me is that whoever wrote the Arborio rice copy is aware of the function of the acute accent in English, but not how redundant it looks in an Italian word.

H-E-B: I am available for proofreading. Call me. Its in your best ĭn’trĭst.

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