Dec 272008


Whatever. It’s not like I was using that fingertip for anything.

Also, I would like the record to state that on the day I cut off my fingertip, I coated the gushing wound in Super Glue and went to work.

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  1. Um. Gross. Glad yer alive.

    The Super Glue thing… I had no idea that would work.

  2. Well…it works better for cuts, really…it seals the wound. For complete amputations of chunks of flesh, like I did, it’s not as great…it stopped the gushing for awhile, but eventually the blood worked through the glue cap and started oozing, so I had to put on those damned plastic prep gloves to keep the blood out of the food, and those gloves are loose, so I kept cutting slivers of plastic off the glove while chiffonading basil. Bad scene.

    When I got off, I bought gauze and finger condoms, and that works better than glue. Moral of the story, though, is to pay attention and not lop off pieces of yourself.

  3. I wish you already posted something–anything–to push this mess off the screen. I can’t look at it anymore.

  4. well, that burst of enthusiasm was nice… hope the job is going well.

  5. Hi, hope you are still alive together with your finger and just toooo busy not to write here. I came across your blog when searching for kubbeh recipe – and had a night of incredible fun. thanxxx!!! do write again

  6. dude, its time to start posting again.

    and i havent heard from u in forever. r u stil alive? i got a new number, call me buddy

  7. I also found your blog looking for a kubbeh recipe. Then I spent at least a half hour reading more of your razor wit and delish recipes.

    And then this! o.O
    Holy ef, that’s some crazy sh. Hope that healed up.

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