Dec 092008

I spent at least an hour today making mukimono out of the fruits and vegetables I had lying around.

Uh…adorable little apple bunnies…and…uh…apple…feathers…and…a…tomato rose…

Yeah. I’m really fucking bored.

On a related note, I know that it’s more eco-conscious, or locavorous, or whatever buzzword the Daikonoscenti come up with this week, for grocery stores to stock only in-season fruits, but sweet Elijah’s chariot, when you live in a place that’s 75 degrees in December, five months of nothing but apples is needlessly cruel. Apples are the masturbation of the fruit world: it gets the job done, but there’s always the nagging feeling that you could be eating a peach instead.

Or, uh, a kiwi…or…a strawberry. Could be anything, really.

  2 Responses to “Ancient Japanese secret, huh?!”

  1. Isn’t Mukimono Shredder’s real name?

  2. I believe that was Oroko-saki.

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