May 082008

Welcome to Soul and Gone.

Why “Soul and Gone?” Swing your lookers over to the About page.

Yes, some of you may be wondering why I let my former blog founder before ultimately scuttling it. A fair question, and one that I don’t really feel like entirely answering. I’ll let a far greater man do it for me:

“Dig…dig, we’d like to get something straight. We, um, we got tired of the Experience and every once in awhile, we was blowing our minds too much. So we decided to change the whole thing around…”

Sometimes we need a change of pace, and if that change happens to be constructed out of blocks of solid Deco, all the better. But it’s not just a new template; Soul and Gone is largely the result of a decision on my part to focus less on the Jewish world, to keep my toes out of the rivers of its online Babylon, so that I can redirect my energies toward pursuits that don’t make me want go all Europa, Europa on my circumcision. It’s not a renouncement of my identity or of Jewishness, far from it – it’s a renouncement of any facets of those things that can be associated with the horde of glibly empty websites saddled with one of those monikers in which the word “Jew” is clumsily welded to a random adjective. That shit is Jewxhausting.

What I’m saying is, gentiles, prepare to begin understanding my jokes.

And while I’m still figuring out what course to ultimately set this blog on, y’all can expect a focus on music, on food, on drink, on all the things, from cynicism to caipirinhas, that make a man want to swing ’round the sun once again. Get some gin and vermouth communicating, slap down a hot platter of Yardbird on the turntable, and get ready to get your soul gone.